Something Big God Has Done In My Life

Testimony – Part 2

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[dropcap]N[/dropcap]evertheless, while at university I went to a Christian camp called Newday. It was here that I heard Francis Chan give his testimony and talk from Isaiah chapter 6 (in this chapter Isaiah sees and talks with the Lord). It was upon reading this that Francis Chan asked the question “what would happen if you saw the Lord in the state you are in now?” And in my head, I answered that question and the answer was “I would die”. I did not want God to see me in my sinful, vile and wretched state. And so, I decided I must become a Christian, and I prayed profusely and was moved immensely. However, God did not save me that night and I left Newday and went back to my life of sin, as I did not want to give up all that I had, as to me it was a lot of loss. However, I look back now and I realise that this was when the seed was planted, as afterwards my misery in sin increased and my fear of death and hell also increased because I knew the wrong I was doing. And in Christmas holidays I decided to come back to church. Yet I was still not ready to give up the sins and worldly desires that I had.

Then Easter Sunday happened. On Easter Sunday at church two weird things happened. Firstly, I remember us singing a song and the song had the word ‘live’ in it, and I was just fixated on that word. And I said to myself “I just want to live”. The second weird thing that happened was when the preacher said the words “Jesus is alive”. I was amazed by those words even though I had heard them spoken many times before; because I realised if he is truly alive then that means he conquered sin and death, and if he conquered sin and death that means he lived a perfect, sinless life, and if he lived a perfect life he died a sinner’s death by taking all sins and Gods wrath. It stunned me, and for the first time ever in my life it all clicked together and made sense, and I realised he did it all for me!!

Afterwards, I spent the rest of the day in turmoil, because I knew that I had to give up the sins and things of this world that I clung so closely to. The next day I decided to ring my girlfriend and tell her everything, I told her I wanted to follow God fully, not partially or religiously like I had done in the past but fully. We spoke for 7 hours straight that day going back and forth as she and I knew that if I were to follow God, then that would mean we wouldn’t have sex which had been a core component of our relationship; however, by Gods good grace and ceaseless prayer from my family, God kept me. By the end of the 7 hours I ended the call and cried for many hours at the fact we had broken up; but in that very moment of sadness there was a point of gloriousness. It was in that moment when I prayed to God to save me from my sins, and I repented and turned to him, and for a moment my tears went from tears of sadness to tears of joy, and my frown turned upside down to a smile, as I knew my saviour had done it all, and he did it all for me!

You see becoming a Christian and deciding to follow God fully, was the hardest decision I have ever made. However, the decision to follow God is the most important decision one can ever make, for it is the only decision you will ever make in this life that you will carry with you into eternity. You cannot take whoever you decide to marry with you into eternity, you cannot take the career you decide to do in this life into eternity, and you cannot take possessions with you either. If you are reading this and you are not saved, or you are on the fence per se; I plead with you, run to him, and follow him for his words are true and he offers eternal life for you today. On the other hand, for the reader who reads this and knows they are saved, then I plead with you to hold fast to him, to his promises, to his life, death and resurrection, and the hope that is set before us in the form of eternal life with him.

I will be honest I never thought I could say any of these words or have a testimony to say, as I never thought I’d be saved, in fact my sister said to me after I was saved “I thought it was impossible”. I Thank God that nothing is impossible with him!

The “Something Big” that God has done in my life, is SAVE ME!

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