Something Big God Has Done In My Life

Testimony – Part 1

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap] was raised in a Christian home. I had Christian parents who everyday told me of the gospel, told me of the love of Jesus and what he had done for me on the cross. I then went to church and heard the exact same thing taught to me. All of which gave me an understanding of the Gospel. From a young age I believed the Gospel to be true 100%, I didn’t really have any doubts about Christianity, I just knew it was true.

However, when I reached the age of about 12/13 it was at this point of my life that I became addicted to Pornography. This sin ruled my life until the day when my saviour saved me. The sin of pornography is a vile and ruthless sin, it is a life sucking, body enslaving, soul destroying sin. I would really like to stress this, pornography really is a life sucking, body enslaving, soul destroying sin. It is a life sucking sin because it is like a parasite that latches on to you and sucks all life, joy and happiness out of you, until you are empty. It is secondly body enslaving because the crazy thing is, once I was empty due to the sin of pornography, I would turn to pornography in the hopes it would give me a sense of wholeness and bring me joy, happiness and pleasure, even though the more that I did the act, the emptier I felt and became. You see I once heard someone describe insanity as doing the same thing again and again expecting different results, so by that definition I was insane! Once the flesh has a taste for it, it will want more of it and it caused me to keep repeating the insanity that I just described. That is sins greatest lie, that it offers so much yet gives so little! Thirdly, it is soul destroying because like all sin without the grace of God and the covering of Christ’s righteousness, through the shedding of his blood, oneself and one’s soul will be destroyed in hell for all eternity.

It was then on the 19th January 2015 that my parents called a family meeting, and in that family meeting they said we were going to move to a new house, a new town, a new life in many ways! I am not going to lie, I wasn’t very happy at all about this! All I could think was I am being torn away from my friends, my school, my church and from my home. And it was at this point that I decided to hit the self-destruct button. If my parents and God, were going to pull me away from everything I held dear, then I would do whatever I wanted and would get all I could out of life. I moved, and I hated it, I hated everything about it, I hated the fact I had to start a new college, I hated having to make new friends, I felt lonely, I hated the church, and all I wanted to do was go back to my old house and life. As I said I hit the self-destruct button and decided to live a life of sin. I started to go to parties and get drunk, take all sorts of drugs and chase girls. This was my life. Additionally, I caused much heartache to my parents, I hated them for taking me away from everything and I hated God as well. I didn’t care for religion or God. I just wanted sin. And the older I got the worse it got, as this sinful lifestyle continued into University, the drugs and drink intake increased, and so did the love of sex and the party lifestyle. Additionally, in my first year at university I got into a relationship which was of course a sexual relationship. However, I still knew that Christianity was true, I still knew in my heart of hearts what I was doing was wrong and it caused much misery to come upon my life. For I knew that if I died I would go to hell and that scared me, and that fear of hell and death continued with me up until my saviour saved me. All I was trying to do was have a sense of wholeness, I wanted to fill the empty void and so I filled it with drugs, drink, sex, pornography, relationships, friends, family and even education.

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