Every Day with God

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The life of a Christian doesn’t just happen on a Sunday. Mountaintop experiences are great – spiritual times when we feel so close to God that we might as well no longer be on the earth: but that is not what God has called us to. At least not yet.

Work, study, friendships, tidying your room, brushing your teeth: these are the less glamorous parts of human experience. What is it about Christianity that changes that for anybody?

A Christian’s perspective is not that boring things are less important. Instead, to the Christian, every area of one’s life is part of God’s calling to you as an individual. Being a student, or a salesperson, or a shop assistant, or a parent: these are all things that God has called people to be. Our job is to be the best person we can be at those everyday challenges, and to follow what God says every step of the way.

How do we do that? This month we have some examples of what others have done and how it works for them. Take a read. Maybe you will see yourself in their stories.

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