About True Story

The True Story Project presents simple, real ‘behind-the-scenes’ stories of life shared by young Christians.

How does God affect our lives today? Does He even care about my day to day choices? Does He care who I date and how I go about it? Does following Jesus actually affect my dreams, goals and hopes for the future? Does being a Christian really change anything today? The True Story Project aims to tackle some of the questions that we all face about life through stories – the stories of Christians that have gone before and found God.

Growing up and living life brings a whole heap of different changes, challenges, and experiences. We are convinced that living life with Jesus makes sense of it all – bringing true meaning, hope and purpose to life. So we aren’t about preaching a point, explaining a theological dilemma, or getting a particular opinion on an issue. We want to bring simple and true stories of ordinary people who live differently because of their relationship with a real God.

How will the True Story Project work?

Each month we will share four new stories on a particular topic, such as ‘relationships’, ‘depression’, ‘prayer’ or ‘expectations’. By sharing stories on relevant issues, we hope that you will be inspired to seek God more, encouraged that there are others in your shoes, and challenged to live differently.

Whose stories will be shared?

The stories will be from all sorts of people. This is because we want to provide a place where many stories, experiences and voices are presented. As such, expect to read different approaches, ‘theological’ positions and opinions!

Finally, all the stories are anonymous. We don’t want details, assumptions, or reputations to get in the way of honest, real, gritty stories.